On the Side of Love

by Ellie Grace

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Enough 03:41
Enough By Ellie Grace Our hearts are big enough They can hold all of This pain and all of this fear And still overflow With a love that we know Will rise through all of our tears We will show you what it means to be strong We will love right through all of this wrong We will not back down, we will stand our ground Until all the guns are put down Our hearts are brave enough They will not give up They will love love love love love They will hold on tight They will stand for what is right Sing enough is enough is enough Our hearts are kind enough We will lift each other up We will find a way through this dark And when hope falls away We will light the way There is a fire and we are the spark
Up 02:37
Up By Ellie Grace Get up in the morning, tell me what can you do To keep on moving forward after all that you’ve been through You kept that broken heart of yours beating through the night So get up in the morning and get ready for the fight Get up, my sister Rise up, my brother Stand up all my neighbors and Hold up what you love Rise up from your troubles and face another day I know your path is rough and rocky, but you’ll slowly find your way To a place a little clearer, to a heart open wide Rise up from your troubles and see what’s on the other side Stand up when you stumble and the world has knocked you down See the hands reaching for you, to pull you back around To the ground that is steady, to the road that leads you home Stand up when you stumble, know that you are not alone Hold up what you love for it is what will carry you Over windy and wild waters, it will keep your compass true In the night be your north star, in the day be your sun Hold up what you love until the long journey’s done
Surface 04:07
Surface By Ellie Grace Life is hard, it breaks you down ‘Til you can barely catch your breath, trying not to drown Your heart is getting heavier, it’s hard to push on You begin to wonder if the fight in you is gone Is gone, oh is gone Somewhere in the darkness you will feel a spark ignite Your heart will fill up with fire, it won’t give up the fight And you will feel your muscles burning as you’re pushing toward the light You’ll break the surface of the water and fill your lungs with air I know you have it in you, I’ll be waiting for you there You are tossed and turned and twisted around ‘Til you cannot remember which way’s up and which way’s down You are slowly sinking deeper in the blue The silence and the stillness are overtaking you Overtaking you You hear the quiet echoes of a song that you once knew But it’s so hard to remember as the water swallows you Pulls you down deeper than you have ever been Where it’s so hard to believe you’ll ever hear that song again Again, oh again
Letting Go 03:54
Letting Go By Ellie Grace What will stand up against All the elements What will face the raging hurricane Will I sit once more Beneath that old sycamore Or will it wash away with the wind and rain What will stay and what will go Driving rain and winds that blow Tear apart and let us know Breaking down (holding on) and letting go Letting go-o-o, hmmm Letting go-o-o, hmmm Now the cold bears down On this long-forgotten town And the snow covers everything in sight In the early days of spring Will the green come again Or will the colors die in these frozen nights What will stay and what will go Frozen nights and blinding snow Tear apart and let us know Breaking down and letting go All the rivers run dry Not a cloud in the sky And a summer that is lost in shades of brown What will still grow on With the waters gone And what will slowly burn down What will stay and what will go Burning sun and dying slow Tear apart and let us know Breaking down and letting go
Divided 03:20
Divided By Ellie Grace You are on the other side A wall between us stands So you will never see these eyes Or touch these trembling hands You place the arrow on the bow Pull back the poisoned string You blindly shoot your words of hate And we all will feel the sting How do we cross the great divide? How do we understand? Why can’t we let the winds erase These lines drawn in the sand? You think that you can stand alone And play these violent games But if the fire burns strong enough We’re all going up in flames You think that you can bring the storm To make the others pay But if the rain falls hard enough We’ll all be washed away You close your mind and shut your eyes And never see our pain Though we may be the ones who bleed Your hands will have the stain
On The Side Of Love By Ellie Grace My heart beats just like your heart Strong and true and slow And my love sings just like your love A song you already know Give me my life to live in peace Give me this home in my heart Let me stand by the side of the one I love And promise ‘til death do us part Descant: Give me my life to live in peace See the love in the home in my heart Come and stand on the side of love Let us promise ‘til death do us part My eyes cry just like your eyes When love is torn away from me And my dreams fly just like your dreams To a time when I will be free My shoes walk just like your shoes They step in time to my love And my voice cries just like your voice Brave words that rise up above My heart beats just like your heart Strong and slow and true And my love sings just like your love Sing for me and I’ll sing for you
Right Now 03:40
Right Now By Ellie Grace It’s gonna get better, that’s what they say It’s gonna get easier, it’s gonna be okay Just give it some time now and give it some space Just keep holdin’ on, waiting for your moment of grace But right now, right now, right now it’s so damn hard It takes me and breaks me and tears me all apart And I don’t get to leave this place in time I don’t get to run away and go Oh right now is hard and right now is all I know You’ve got to be strong now, that’s what I hear Get up every morning and face all the fear The harder you work, they say, and the braver you are If you just keep goin’, someday you’re gonna get real far How many more lifetimes, how many more days How many more moments do I have to live this way They say just keep fighting and soon the morning will come When you can let go, when the pain will just come undone
Burning Down 02:24
Burning Down By Ellie Grace You would hold her down and silence her cries And you would stand by him even though you know he lies But your time is up You must face the fire That is rising up Watch the flames grow higher Count us one by one We will not turn around Until the patriarchy Is burning down You would sacrifice a woman in her darkest hour At the altar of your privilege and power The sun will shine on the truth of your dirty ways We believe her and are counting down your days
Carolina Fall By Ellie Grace I cling to the last golden days of this Carolina fall The trees, nearly bare, still bravely standing tall I fall to my knees in the fiery leaves that have gone Oh, and I pray for all that remains, crying hold on hold on Let it go like the river You can’t stop it now Let it go like the wind Cause it’s leaving anyhow Let it go like the morning Moving into night Let it go like the darkness Turning toward the light Ooohhh oooohh There was frost on the ground when I woke to this day A promise of the winter that would soon be on its way A fading of the sunlight that was warm upon my face And a hint of the bitter cold that has come to take its place The cold in the air chills me to the bone The warmth around me gone, now I am alone I long to know what this aching season will bring I pull the blankets tight to my body and wait for the spring
Little Star 02:51
Hear the sounds of the night Turn out the light It’ll be alright Feel the chill of the wind The warmth of my skin As I pull you in You can close your weary eyes And lay your head on my shoulder I will keep you safe and warm Though the night will get colder You can rest in my love… my love… my love I will hold you near Chase the fear Stay right here Let your breathing slow The one thing you know I won’t let you go Shelter from the storm These loving arms Will keep you warm I will be here when You wake again Let the night begin


A recording project featuring eleven original songs of resistance and rising, hope and heartbreak, love and loss by Ellie Grace! Ellie is joined on this labor of love by a number ofl stunning guest musicians:
Ellie Grace: lead vocals and harmony vocals (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5), guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and body percussion
Leela Grace: harmony vocals (tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10) and banjo
Kelly Bosworth: harmony vocals (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11)
Phylshawn Johnson: drums and percussion
Kevin Hennessy: bass
Pete Szkolka: piano and electric guitar


released December 11, 2019

Produced by Ellie Grace
Recorded, edited, and mixed by Pete Szkolka in Columbia, MO
Mastered by Anna Frick at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO
Designed by Oasis DesignWorks™


all rights reserved



Ellie Grace Kansas City, Missouri

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